Nicholas' Birthday Pumpkin Cake
Use two bundt cake pans, one round 9" pan, plus two cupcakes. Two boxes chocolate cake mix or homemade, with butter cream frosting. To start decorating turn one bundt cake upside down, frost between layers, add the 9" cake (cut off top to make level), then last bundt cake right side up. Put the cupcakes into center and frost the whole outside. Try to make grooves into side of cake. Recipe from:

Marshmallow Fontant
Make two batches and color the day before. One orange for pumpkin, the other divided between green for leaves and black for face pieces. Roll out about 1/4 inch thick, and use powdered sugar to keep fondant from sticking (it will all be absorbed). Marshmallow Fondant from:

The Trickiest Part !
With a 20" rolling pin, carefully roll out fondant onto rolling pin. Center on top of cake, and unroll carefully. Press fondant onto sides of cake to create grooves like a real pumpkin. Trim bottom carefully (do not store cake in refrigerator as it will get condensation water spots). Serve the same day, or next day. The fondant keeps the cake fresh. Good Luck!

Combine green and orange fondant, then roll out to form stem. Adorn cake with green leaves, curls, and black triangles for face.

Happy Birthday !

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Cleaning the pan, otherwise known as “Making Gravy”

For me making gravy is more of a feel than exact measuring.
After removing chicken, add 3 to 5 tablespoons flour to the pan,
mix thoroughly, add more if necessary. It should be thick and
most of the grease should have been absorbed. Turn up heat
under pan to low. Slowly add water from boiling potatoes
(or chicken broth),
about a cup at a time, stirring constantly.
Add more flour if needed. Remember the more flour, the more
gravy you will end up with , but don’t add too much flour or
the gravy won’t have a good rich flavor, keep stirring and
scraping the pan, all the ‘cooked on stuff ' at the bottom of
the pan adds flavor to your gravy and it also cleans your pan.
Finally, when you think its done, add salt to taste.
Serve over chicken and mashed potatoes.